The British Columbia Supercargoes' Association


Who We Are ...

Since 1952, Members of the British Columbia Supercargoes' Association, an organization of independent, cargo supervision and planning consultants, have served the needs of ship operators and charterers along the West Coast of North America. Our attention to cargo care and the efficient loading of deep-sea vessels results in faster turnarounds and lower costs to Clients.

Multinational in origin, most BC Supercargoes hold Master Mariner Certificates and have seafaring experience in senior command positions. We deal with ship's officers using a common terminology and a shared cargo handling experience. From our days at sea, we appreciate ocean forces and the necessity for securely stowed cargo, especially cargo stowed on deck.

Available for any length of time, BC Supercargoes are specialists in handling breakbulk forest products. Frequently required to co-ordinate project cargoes and heavy lifts, we regularly supervise automobile and steel discharges and are prepared to handle virtually any cargo.

A distinctive feature of BC Supercargoes is that we remain with a ship from start to finish. Skills and energy are focused on the ship at hand, so when unexpected changes occur, a range of solutions is quickly offered and downtime is kept to a minimum.

Modern vessels load quickly, and the costs associated with cargo movements are high. The continuity provided by our around-the-clock onboard supervision cannot be underestimated. We are available to Clients 'at the ring of a cell-phone' and know the overall status of the operation at any given moment. We are on deck rain or shine, day or night, weekday or holiday.

The range of services offered by the BC Supercargoes is flexible and depends on Client needs. We:

  • advise on any special handling and stowage requirements of a particular cargo
  • confirm methods, manning and gear requirements with Stevedores
  • prepare the pre-stow plan, update it as changes occur, and present a final stowage plan and hatch lists when the vessel sails
  • prepare and clause Mates Receipts in accordance with established Quality Control procedures

During cargo operations almost anything can happen. Cargo delays occur. Gear fails. Knowing who can make a quick repair, what the Coast Guard Regulations are, who to call for inspections, what Union Agreements require, and when to order Pilots, tugs, and linesmen, are some of the services routinely offered by a BC Supercargoes. The result is faster turnarounds and money saved.

North America's Pacific Northwest is known for its rain and changeable weather. Handling weather-sensitive cargoes, it is critical to know when to 'close the hatches' and when to get production moving again. An on-site BC Supercargo is ready to make these calls. The result is higher production and fewer weather-related damage claims.

Canada's West Coast deep-sea shipping industry and Canadian shippers have depended on Members of the BC Supercargo Association for half a century. It's a trust earned through dedication and hard work, something each BC Supercargo is prepared to offer his Clients.

Our Members ...

The British Columbia Supercargoes' Association is comprised of Marine professionals in the shipping industry. To contact any of our members, please refer to the Membership List page.